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Design of living quarters

The house is where it is convenient and comfortable. Where you want to spend time and invite friends. Where there is inspiration and a desire to conquer the highest goals. Where the sweetest sleep and the most cheerful mornings.

If you do not have such a house, you can easily fix it with the help of apartment design. We will do everything possible so that you do not want to leave the walls of your home.

Why design?

Apartment design is a plan for contractors who will make repairs. The more detailed the plan, the calmer your nervous system will be. And the more pleasure you get from the result.

Tasks of the designer of the apartment

The first stage is planning. The best option is to consult with a designer before buying an apartment. Regarding the size and location of rooms, the possibility of partitions, etc. However, if you have already bought an apartment or want to renovate the house in which you have lived for many years - the specialists of the company "Constructive" will help to realize even the boldest wishes.

What you need to know at the planning stage

  1. The number of square meters is not the main thing.
    A small apartment with a well-thought-out layout will be much more comfortable than a huge apartment with a typical renovation.
  2. Get rid of the long corridor.
    It will be enough to leave a small corridor in the center of the apartment, from which the animals will open into all the rooms.

Or another life hack - to place a kitchen-dining room in the center, which will replace the corridor.

  1. Make sure there are zones:
  • personal - bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, children's room, office;
  • common or guest - kitchen, living room, hallway, etc.

Successful planning - if the common areas are located closer to the entrance, and personal - as far as possible.

The second stage is visualization. Chances are, you don't know what you want. If you know - then you definitely do not fully imagine how it will all coexist in one space. That is why designers develop a "photorealistic" 3D visualization of the design of a house or apartment. That is, even before the repair work, you will see what your home will look like after the final stage.

Together with the designer you can compare different colors of furniture, walls, textures of the floor. Everything - to save your time and money.

The third stage is the preparation of sketches. Here will be collected all the information about the walls that need to be built or demolished, where the furniture will stand, the location of sockets, lamps. Also - floor layout plan, etc.

The fourth stage is the control of the project implementation. If a specialist in apartment design will visit the object several times a week - it will avoid unpleasant surprises. And yet - you will be sure that everything goes according to plan.

In result

What will you get after ordering apartment design services:

  • project within the defined budget;
  • exact sketches and miscalculations;
  • list of materials required for project implementation;
  • distributed budget.

And more:

  • help to find qualified contractors;
  • buy all the necessary materials;
  • we will control the project implementation;
  • help to buy furniture and interior details;
  • we will uncork a bottle of champagne for the wonderful cooperation that we will definitely have.

How much is the design of apartments in Lviv?

There is no unambiguous answer, because it all depends on the specific order. The price is affected by:

  • simple room;
  • complexity of work;
  • desired interior style.

We will calculate the cost after the first meeting, taking into account your needs and budget capabilities.

We can the impossible!

Even if you have six walls or a triangle-shaped room. Or if you dream of a cozy living room, but definitely with black walls - we can do everything. Constructive professionals will find solutions where, it would seem, you will not earn anything.

Your interior will be unique

We carefully study the wishes of customers and their lifestyle. Accordingly, each of the projects is not like the others. Everyone has their own peculiarity.

The design of the house can be classic, modern, emphasize the character of the owners or embody an old fantasy. We will take into account all your ideas. And even if you want bright green walls - we will beat this detail so that it will be very stylish.

The main thing!

Trust us, and together we will realize something incredibly beautiful.