Interior design of a single-family house in the village of Dashava

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Interior design project of a single-family house in the village of Zubrytsky apiaries

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Design of a one-room apartment for rent in Lviv

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Following The object was designed by us

The interior design of a one-room apartment is designed for a family of two people. We wanted to give the interior weightlessness, to preserve the feeling of a large space, so we used light pastel colors, as well as light wood.

The main room in the apartment is the bedroom, so special attention was paid to it when developing the design. Since the room is large, we decided to separate the sleeping area. It is a separate space formed by a rise that acts as a bed, as well as a lowering of the ceiling that duplicates the lower contours. This part is highlighted in color to create an even greater sense of space closed from the rest of the room. If necessary, this area is closed with curtains. Coziness is also created with the help of LED lighting.

In the bedroom, we decided to abandon the traditional TV solution and replaced it with a projector. In order to make watching movies comfortable, we provided blinds that completely cover the panoramic windows. The room has a work area with a table and shelves and a Swedish wall. With the help of track lights, you can create a sufficient amount of light in every necessary place.

Our designers have created the kitchen layout in such a way that it fully meets the needs of the owners: a large cooking surface is designed, the oven and microwave oven are built into a freestanding cabinet, which also has plenty of storage space. In the dining area, we put a round minimalist table and terracotta tiles chairs that are accents in the interior of the room. Another interesting detail of the kitchen is the pendant lamp placed above the work surface. Lamps from this set are also placed in the corridor and hallway.

In the bathroom, the walls are made of tiles with a white marble texture. The decision to place tiles only up to the height of the door visually increases the height of the room. Special attention was paid to the selection of accessories, faucets and towel rails.

On the loggia, we have created a cozy rest area. The place with the location of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and for storing scooters is demarcated with the help of a vertical composition with ivy. The floor is made of green artificial covering.

Our customers are completely satisfied with the interior, and therefore we managed our task for all 100%.


Total area: 64.4 м²

Design area: 61.2 м²

Number of living rooms: 1

Number of bathrooms: 1

Year of design: 2022

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