Interior design of a single-family house in the village of Dashava

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Interior design project of a single-family house in the village of Zubrytsky apiaries

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Design of a one-room apartment for rent in Lviv

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Following The object was designed by us

In the building of the rehabilitation center, we wanted to create a calm, cozy and light design.

Upon entering the building, we see the reception desk in a muted blue color. This color is still used in the hall: it emphasizes the unusual solution for the columns, which are designed at an angle and are on the furniture. The combination with wood gives the room freshness. Decorative elements are a phytowall with moss.

The main function of the hall is the possibility of communication and entertainment for the residents. There are tables here that can be used for spending time on hobbies, playing board games, etc.

When designing this building, we wanted not to interfere with the topography and nature of the site, so there is a tree in the middle of the hall, which was decided to be preserved. At the same time, it is the highlight of the interior and allows light from the roof. Thanks to the panoramic windows, there is a maximum of natural light in the room. For artificial lighting, black tracking lamps are arranged on the ceiling, and hanging elongated wooden lamps are located above the reception desk and tables.

The living room is completely designed to be comfortable for people with reduced mobility. There is a functional medical bed in the room. Due to the fact that the cabinet and table are suspended, there will be no problems with their use. There is also a closet that can hold a large number of things

In the design of the bedroom, the main decoration is wood panels, which are easy to care for. The room has a horizontal division into wood and white. This technique allows you to visually increase the height and volume of the room. The walls are painted in a muted orange color as a secondary element. Lighting in the room is provided thanks to two round lamps on the wall, as well as sconces near the bed and table.

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