The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Design of a two-level apartment in a modern minimalist style

Our next project is the design of a two-level apartment in Lviv with a total area of 154 square meters.
On the ground floor there is a large living room that flows smoothly into an open and spacious kitchen. On the second - a large bedroom and another bathroom.

In developing this design of a two-level apartment, we took as a basis the modern minimalist style.

The modern concept of creating interiors in the style of minimalism, in contrast to the Scandinavian design to achieve greater perfection is complemented by beautiful "calm" textiles, a variety of decor, warm colors. Although the basis of the style is a contrasting combination of classic white and black colors, the game with texture, shapes, graphics, texture of surfaces, lighting options always adds individuality. Therefore, the rooms do not look stern, reflect the hobbies and interests of the owner.
When creating designs in the style of minimalism, you should follow the basic rules of conciseness and a sense of proportion. Of fundamental importance is the modeling of space, taking into account the presence of a rich amount of diffused calm light. To do this, abandon partitions, small windows and pay attention to multilevel lighting using natural and artificial sources.
The color palette of the interior mainly consists of 2 basic tones, and the third is selected as an accent. The following recommendations are followed for furniture:

  • flat monophonic facades, without patterns, milling;
  • clear geometry of structures, sharp, right angles;
  • increased functionality;
  • use of suspended elements;
  • observance of the color palette accepted in the general interior.


Solid textiles or leather are used as materials for upholstered furniture. The colors of the upholstery are calm, and the emphasis can be made, for example, on bright decorative pillows.

In general, in our design we used the most relevant and fashionable elements of decoration at the moment, namely: terrazzo textures in ceramic tiles and wood textures in the form of veneered tiles on the walls. Also interesting is the combination of colors - a mix of cold and warm tones.

If the question "Who can order an interesting and original design of a two-level apartment in Lviv or in any part of Ukraine" keeps you awake, we will help you solve this problem.

The client is our main partner.

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Total area: 154 м²

Design area: 154 м²

Number of living rooms: 4

Number of bathrooms: 1

Year of design: 2020

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