The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Project of ready design of a cottage in a townhouse

We present to your attention the project of ready design of a cottage in a townhouse executed in style of minimalism.

Minimalism (English Minimalism from Latin Minimus - the smallest) - a style in design, which is characterized by conciseness of expression, simplicity, accuracy and clarity of composition. Rejecting classical methods of creativity and traditional artistic materials, minimalists use industrial and natural materials of simple geometric shapes, neutral colors (black, gray) and small volumes.

The main features of the interior in the style of minimalism:

Spatial freedom: a small amount of furniture and accessories;
Space zoning, multilevel lighting;
The color palette of light, based on the play of halftones, a lot of white, graphically accentuated by black or gray. The palette is complemented by natural tones of wood, brick, metal, glass luster;
Simple natural finishing materials, often untreated, with a rough texture: brick, concrete, wood or plaster;
Simple shapes and lines, almost no decor on windows and walls;
Geometry of figures: circle, rectangle, straight line, there can be a soft bend (no spirals);
Large windows that saturate the space with light.


Cabinet furniture in the style of minimalism has a large number of flat facades. No milling of facades is allowed here, only a flat surface. Plastic imitating natural wood or fancy wood drawings, as well as monochrome colors, are used to decorate the facades. Facades with a high degree of gloss painted or acrylic are also used. On more expensive furniture natural wood or polished under a glossy varnish, or with a textured surface is used. Bronze and graphite mirrors can often be seen on cabinets and facades. Artificial stone countertops are also typical for minimalism. Upholstered furniture in the style of minimalism have simple geometric shapes.


In rooms in the style of minimalism involves the presence of large windows for access to daylight. Curtains are inappropriate here, they are replaced by vertical and horizontal blinds or shutters. Often use lamps with screens made of pure cotton solid color. Concealed ceiling lighting made of neon and halogen lamps is also appropriate.

The walls

In the interior in the spirit of minimalism have a solid color solution, no more than two or three similar shades of color in the room. The second color solution is two contrasting colors. To decorate the walls, monotonous wallpaper is used, as an option not with a clear pattern, embossed surface. Textured plaster, wallpaper for painting are also used. Inserts of wall panels from natural or artificial materials, such as stainless steel, polished and textured wood, artificial and natural stone make very interesting interiors of minimalism.

Style transformation.

Cold "white" minimalism is out of fashion (Of course, there are conservatives who create white glass and steel interiors, despite the fashion), now very popular is environmental minimalism - natural materials, muted autumn colors, rough furniture.
Minimalism is one of the brightest and most controversial styles of the second half of the twentieth century. It is often thought that it is a cold style that creates uncomfortable, empty spaces. This idea was formed in the mid-90s, when minimalist interiors were in vogue and it was believed that the colder, more square and monochrome it looks - the better.

The essence of the minimalist approach is that things should be concise and there should be few of them. There are no other canons in this style - any colors, textures, spatial solutions are used. That is why minimalism looks very diverse. This project of ready design is based on color scale on the basis of earth colors with addition of blue accents. Many structural elements are left in the interior, namely concrete panels on the wall and floor, which will significantly reduce the total cost of repairs.

Our ready-made design project also provides an open space - simple and functional, where there are places for both morning coffee and a loud party with friends or at a feast. In the kitchen area there is no "tile" effect, because the apron area is provided in the form of a solid moisture-resistant panel with wood decor. Ceramic tiles are used only in the area of greatest use for maximum practicality and durability. Stairs are light and invisible, on the wall they act as a decoration. The pedestal under the stairs is multifunctional, there are: 2 steps, a place to sit in the living room and a place to store things. Shower light and simple without unnecessary details. The same idea is laid in other rooms.

If the question "From whom to order an interesting and original project of a ready design of a house or apartment in Lviv or in any corner of Ukraine?" Does not allow you to sleep peacefully, we will help you to solve this problem.

The client is our main partner.

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Year of design: 2019

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