The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Interiors of a rehabilitation center for assisted living

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The design of the facade of the existing building located in the village. Solonka

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Following The object was designed by us

Project of minimalist design in achromatic tones with the inclusion of emerald accents.

Our new design project is an apartment in a townhouse, made in our already classic minimalist style. Born in Europe in the second half of the twentieth century, minimalism became the response of designers to the growth and development of modernist trends. Romanticism was gradually replaced by practicality and functionality, and then logically moved to simplicity, accuracy and conciseness of forms.

The design project in the style of minimalism denies the classics in creative ways using natural and industrial materials. It is characterized by the use of simple geometric shapes in the elements, small volumes and the dominance of neutral colors in the design.

Sometimes minimalism is equated with asceticism. This is not entirely correct, because minimalism, despite its simplicity, is not alien to comfort and coziness. And precisely because of such a paradoxical combination, this style of design requires an impeccable sense of style and measure and does not tolerate haste and mistakes.

The division of rooms in the style of minimalism, very often quite conditional - as dividers are used as elements of furniture and landscaping. Glass or sliding partitions and competently executed illumination of surfaces are also often used. Internal stable partitions are usually absent. Minimalism is dominated by clean and free space. The minimalist design project plays with halftones and sharp contrasts. Also in this design you can find splashes of gray, beige and emerald colors.

Elements often used in the design of the minimalist direction:

  • The walls are mostly painted or plastered with plaster with a clear texture. Sometimes the use of monochromatic or sharply contrasted wallpaper occurs;

  • The ceiling is light, monochromatic. It can be both flat and with the use of multi-level structures;

  • To cover the floor, linoleum or tile is used, sometimes wood or materials that resemble it by their structure or color. Light shades also dominate here.

  • Built-in headsets are considered the best solution for furnishing in a minimalist design. Furniture is mainly made of natural wood, using aluminum profiles with leather, chrome or glass inserts and details. Upholstery is mostly monochromatic with the inclusion of bright details - pillows, etc. The main rules of minimalism - lightness and moderation - are also observed in furnishing.

Our design project turned out to be quite minimalist both in essence and content. Balanced colors, lightness and unique airiness - these are its main characteristics, emphasized by interesting emerald and pink inserts in accordance with the zoning and functionality of the premises.

If the question "Who can make an interesting and original design project for us?" Does not allow you to sleep peacefully, we will help you to solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner!

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Total area: 170 м²

Design area: 144 м²

Number of living rooms: 4

Number of bathrooms: 2

Year of design: 2020

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