The project of an individual house in the village. Shchyrets

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Guest house project in Irpin

Holiday house made of wooden beams is designed on a picturesque wooded area in the suburbs of Kiev. The main goal is to get a cozy space for rest during the year, while preserving the existing trees. 

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Conceptual design of a house in the mountains

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House design project in minimalist style.

Our new creation is a house design project in a minimalist style. The style of minimalism originated in Europe in the second half of the twentieth century and initially became a response of design art to the development of the modernist trend. Romantic notes in the design were gradually replaced by practicality and functionality in things, and then gradually flowed into conciseness, simplicity and accuracy of forms.

Minimalism is a very bright style of modern design, characterized by the denial of classics in creative techniques, which uses industrial and natural materials to create elements of simple geometric shapes, small volumes and neutral colors.

Japanese minimalism has become the most popular and well-known ethnic variety of minimalism. In general, this style is characterized by the spaciousness of the premises with a minimum of furniture and other interior elements.

It would be a mistake to equate this style with asceticism - minimalism, among other things, is not alien to comfort, coziness and unique beauty. However, this genre requires a perfect combination of style and a sense of proportion and does not forgive haste and mistakes.

Minimalist design often does not require the division of rooms into rooms, as separators are usually used zoning or furniture. Internal partitions are usually removed. Create additional openings, replace doors with arches, expand windows. Most often, the space is divided by glass sliding partitions and well-executed lighting surfaces. The minimalist design is based on the play of halftones and often includes white in contrast to black, gray, possibly beige or brown. This can be achieved with brick, wood, metal, glass.

Design elements typical of a home design project in a minimalist style

  • - Walls - they are usually painted or covered with textured plaster. Or choose simple one-color wallpaper;

  • - Ceiling - also make a solid, light shade. If you plan to use a game of light to create the interior, then mount multi-level structures;

  • - Floor - usually use wood, linoleum or tile. Everything is also in light shades, simple, monotonous;

  • - Furniture - an important element of the design of the room in the style of minimalism. The best solution here is built-in headsets. Furniture from a natural tree, with aluminum shapes, with leather, chromeplated, glass details is used. The upholstery should be solid with contrasting bright details (such as pillows). Any room in the style of minimalism should not look overloaded with furniture, things, decor.

Also in this project you can feel the breath of another modern contemporary style. Our home design project is characterized by convenience, functionality and the fact that it does not drive the interior designer into a rigid framework. The main trump cards of this style: a simple principle of decoration and decoration of premises based on common sense and convenience.

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Year of design: 2018

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