The project of an individual house in the village. Shchyrets

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Guest house project in Irpin

Holiday house made of wooden beams is designed on a picturesque wooded area in the suburbs of Kiev. The main goal is to get a cozy space for rest during the year, while preserving the existing trees. 

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Conceptual design of a house in the mountains

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Loft style cottage design

Loft-style cottage design is a new project from Constructive. The atmosphere of freedom, youth, rejection of pomp and adornment - all this Loft, perhaps the least expensive to create, a little rebellious and bohemian style, whose name, "Loft" - translates as "Attic", which accurately conveys his mood. This trend emerged in the mid-twentieth century in the United States, when due to rising land prices in New York, the owners of factories were forced to move production to the suburbs. The premises vacated by warehouses, shops and factories began to be inhabited by bohemians, and later by ordinary people.

Features of LOFT style in an interior

  • Оздоблення грубе або взагалі відсутнє. Цегляні стіни, бетон зі слідами опалубки, фарбовані стіни, груба, місцями оббита штукатурка;
  • Конструктивні елементи і інженерні комунікації, такі як балки, металічні колони, ферми, труби вентиляції, водопроводи і каналізації не ховаються, а навпаки слугують своєрідним засобом виразності;
  • Декоративні елементи – нестандартні цікавинки, які мають розважати гостей та привертати увагу: дорожні знаки, гамаки, гойдалки, незвичні світильники та сучасні скульптури;
  • Грубі меблі, які викликають асоціації з виробництвом і цехом, потерті старі меблі простих форм тут також будуть вельми доречними;
  • В дизайні однокімнатної квартири в стилі Лофт найчастіше використовується вільне планування – тут відмовляються від звичних перегородок, приміщення ділиться на зони з допомогою ширм, меблів або ж кольорових перегородок. Завдяки цьому приміщення виглядає більш просторим;
  • Вікна великі, часто вітражні, інколи вони нагадують фабричні.

Colors, finishes, furniture and decor used in the Loft style

Colors. Loft-style interiors usually use dull, faded, rough, factory colors. White, black, shades of gray and brown often evoke an association with production, structure.

Finishing walls, ceilings and floors. The interior of the style uses brick, not plastered or partially plastered. Rough concrete with traces of formwork or smooth concrete with specific stains and stains. Old, erased, unpainted wooden floors. In general, the interior should look a bit sloppy, unfinished, with traces of operation. According to this style, we must find beauty in the features of a dilapidated, maybe even abandoned building, which breathed new life, uncovered structures that often hang from the ceiling.

Furniture and decor should be a bit rough and rough. No frills, lace or classic sophistication. If it looks like it was bought at the next junk sale or made of improvised materials - this is what you need. But the new minimalist furniture is also suitable for this style, if they are sufficiently restrained and decorated in the appropriate color scheme. You also need to devote enough time to the details of the interior when designing in a loft style. Here, various old and new things are often bizarrely combined, each of which has its own style, but they are all selected in the same spirit and combined in color.

Free space. You can recreate the spirit of the loft in any apartment or house, whatever the layout, but one of these features is the most spacious planning and a minimum of partitions.

We also used these principles when developing a Loft-style cottage design for the Client.

If the question "Who could design a Loft-style cottage?" Keeps you awake, we will help you solve this problem, because the Client is our main partner.

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Year of design: 2018

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