The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Interiors of a rehabilitation center for assisted living

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The design of the facade of the existing building located in the village. Solonka

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Following The object was designed by us

Reconstruction of a single-family house

Output data:

one-storey block of flats on a small plot (slightly more than 0.01 ha) in one of the quarters of the manor building in Lviv.

Customer's wishes:

reconstruction of the house, improvement of living conditions, increase of living and total area, provide places for rest and storage of things (pantry, basement).


Taking into account the wishes of the Customer and the existing urban situation, it was decided to increase the building by adding a 2nd and partly 3rd floor. Such a three-dimensional spatial structure, together with a contrasting facade solution in a modern style, focused attention on the projected building, located at the intersection of residential streets. Site fencing - alternating hedges and composite elements that mimic a wooden board, adds expressiveness to the design solution.

Ground floor of the house:

the active area is an interesting flowing space (hall with stairs, kitchen-dining room, bathroom and living room) with a separate entrance to the area where there is a rest area and a storage room, with an entrance to the basement through a hatch.

2nd floor:

There are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as a hall with a staircase.

3rd floor:

there is a guest room that can be easily used as an office, as well as a terrace on the operated roof. A light lantern is arranged above the stairs for better lighting. The house has many built-in closets and storage space, and special attention is paid to the design of utilities and communications, based on the need for rational use of space.


Plot area: 0.0112 Ha.

Total area of the house: 114 м²

Superficiality: 2 floors with attic and basement level

Garage: space for the car is provided at the design site

Year of design: 2019

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