The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Interiors of a rehabilitation center for assisted living

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The design of the facade of the existing building located in the village. Solonka

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Following The object was designed by us

Car wash project with a small cafe

Output data: The car wash project was developed for a small rectangular plot with a direct relief in Chervonohrad.

Customer wishes: Develop a project of car wash facades.

Concept: When designing the facades of the car wash, we started from the existing condition of the building and the customer's desire to make the interior as bright as possible. That is why the main entrance to the cafe was made of glazing. The facade of the sink is decorated with facade panels and perforated metal panels.

Color accents were also used, in the form of RGB lighting to achieve the effect of "visibility" of the sink in the evening and at night against the background of the environment, as well as for the visual separation of the cafe area and the actual car wash area.

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