The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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The design of the facade of the existing building located in the village. Solonka

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Architectural project of a townhouse on the street. Drohobych

Townhouses are one of the best types of housing, when due to low floors, own house and adjacent territory, the highest comfort for living is achieved. Our project of townhouses is designed with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The project provides for 4 blocked buildings of two types.

The first type has three block of flats that are identical in layout, except for the middle one, which is mirrored. On the ground floor of this type of house there is an entrance hall with space for clothes, a kitchen, a living room with space for a sofa and a dining table, and a small bathroom with a shower. Also on the ground floor there is a garage with space for racks and storage under the stairs. Behind each house, in the backyard, there is a small terrace with access to the living room.

On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom with a bathtub. The largest bedroom has a balcony.

In front of the entrance to each house there is a green area and a place for a car before entering the garage.

The townhouse of the second type has its own adjacent territory with a large terrace and a separate entrance to it. The garage and driveway to it are designed in the same way as in other houses. But the entrance to the house is on the other side.

However, in contrast to the planning of townhouses of the first type, in these buildings all living quarters are placed on the ground floor. There is a vestibule, a spacious hallway, two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the first floor there is a large kitchen-living room, bedroom and bathroom. The living room has access to a small balcony.

The architecture of the building uses simple laconic forms that emphasize the minimalism of the building. Two types of material are used in the decoration: black plaster and black clinker.

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Building area: 298 м²

Number of houses: 4

Superficiality: 2

Garage: in each townhouse

Year of design: 2019

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