Design of a modern minimalist apartment

New look on the modern minimalist apartment design

НOur new project is the design of a modern minimalist apartment. Minimalism (from the Latin. Minimus – the smallest) – style in design, characterized by the conciseness of expressive means, simplicity, accuracy and intelligibility of the composition. It rejects classic techniques and traditional art materials, minimalists use industrial and natural materials of simple geometric shapes, neutral colors (black, gray) and small volumes.

The main features of the minimalist style interior:

  • – Spatial freedom: small number of furniture and accessories;
  • – Space zoning, multi-level lighting;
  • – The color palette of the light based on the game of halftones, a lot of white, graphically emphasized in black or gray. The palette is complemented by the natural tones of trees, bricks, metal, glass glitter;
  • – Simple natural finishes, often untreated, with rough textures: brick, concrete, wood or plaster;
  • – Simple shapes and lines, with virtually no decor on windows and walls;
  • – The geometry of the figures: circle, rectangle, straight, can be soft bending (no spirals);
  • – Large windows, saturated with light space.

The highlights of minimalism:

The minimalist style furniture is characterized by a large number of flat facades. The facades are never milled here, only the flat surface. Plastic facades that use natural wood or wood drawings and monochrome colors are used to decorate the facades. Also glossy facades or acrylic are used. More expensive furniture uses natural wood polished under glossy lacquer or with textured surface. Often bronze and graphite mirrors can be seen on cabinets and facades. Occasionally, these interiors feature artificial mirror countertops. Upholstered minimalist-style furniture also has simple geometric shapes.

Minimalism-style room lighting provides large windows for daylight access. Doors are inappropriate here, they are replaced by vertical and horizontal blinds or shutters. Also often used are lamps with screens of pure cotton monochrome. Occasionally, hidden ceiling lights with neon and halogen lamps are used.

The walls in a minimalist style have a monochrome color solution, no more than two or three close in color shades to the room. The second color option is two contrasting colors. For decoration of walls use monotonous wall-paper, as an option with not clearly expressed drawing, a relief surface. Also used textured plaster, wallpaper for painting. Interiors made of natural or artificial materials such as stainless steel, polished and textured wood, artificial and natural stone are very interesting for minimalist interiors.

Now extremely popular environmental minimalism – natural materials, muted autumn colors, rough furniture.

The essence of the minimalist approach is that things should be concise and there should be few. There are no other laws in minimalism – any colors, textures and spatial solutions are used. This is why minimalism often looks very different.

This contemporary minimalist design combines the concrete and rust textures with chrome surfaces, which visually expands the space. Also in the living room and bedroom used the method of lowering the ceilings and highlighting the different color of the window area, to visually expand the rooms somewhat “corridor” type.

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Total Area: 91.44 Sq.


Design Area: 80.69 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 1 .


Design year: 2019 .


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