The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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The project of a multi-storey building with built-in parking on the street. Heroes of Kruty in the city of Lviv

The multi-storey building was designed in Lviv, on Heroiv Krut Street, and contains 11 apartments, three of which are two-level.

Residents of the apartments can leave their cars in the parking lot located on the underground floor. The underground car park is designed for 11 cars, with a location for bicycles, as well as space for people with special needs. In the basement there are also technical rooms for equipment for water supply and heating of the building.

IN in addition to the stairwell, the house has an elevator. Therefore, from the underground parking lot you can immediately take the elevator to the required floor.

The project lacks standard floors and the layout on each floor is unique and thought out to the smallest detail. For the safety of residents on the ground floor at the entrance there is a room for a concierge.

On the first, second and third floors there are one-, two- and three-room one-level apartments. Each of the apartments has large kitchens and living rooms to provide comfort for residents.

On the third floor of a three-room apartment there is an exit to a large spacious terrace.

Also on the third floor is the first level of a two-level two-room apartment with a modern and comfortable solution: on the first level there is a kitchen, living room and bathroom, and on the second level there are all bedrooms.

On the fourth and fifth floors there are apartments of elite class: two two-storey apartments - one five-room and one six-room. From the living room of a six-room apartment on the top floor there is an exit to the terrace with a beautiful view of the city. All apartments have balconies.

In general, the solution to the spatial structure is quite simple - three cubes of different heights and sizes, cut into each other. However, such a minimalist solution gives the building uniqueness and style. Facades are decorated with aluminum composite panels in white and gray.

The underground floor is cut into the relief, on one side there are windows in the parking lot overlooking the recreation area, and on the other - the entrance to the first floor. The underground floor is also highlighted in texture and color, and decorated with brown clinker.

Accents on the facades are balconies, a solid corner window, as well as elongated floor-to-ceiling windows in the apartments.

In general, the project of a multi-storey building turned out to be light and elegant due to the use of simple geometric shapes in combination with natural relief.

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Building area: 466 м²

Superficiality: 5

Number of apartments: 11 (incl. two-story)

Garage: underground parking

Year of design: 2018

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