The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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The design of the facade of the existing building located in the village. Solonka

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Project of a multi-storey building in Lviv

The architecture of this house is achieved through a harmonious combination of simple geometric shapes and calm colors. Thanks to this decision, the project of a multi-storey building does not break away from the general structure of the district, but on the contrary emphasizes its comfort and tranquility, while attracting the attention of passers-by. When designing, we took into account all the features of the building area. As for the spatial planning structure, the house is a 4-storey building with underground parking for apartment owners.

The appearance of the house is minimalist with a protruding volume on the front facade of the building. The decoration uses plaster of two colors - gray and white, which fits well into the environment and does not break out of the structure of the area.

In the basement there is a parking lot for 12 cars. Also, due to the growing demand for bicycles and electric scooters, the parking lot provides space and storage space for this type of transport. From the basement you can get to the entrance of the house on the stairwell. There is also a guest car park in front of the house.

On the ground floor there is a large room for trade function with all the necessary additional rooms. At the level of the first floor, this room opens onto the front facade with a glass window, which adds plasticity and variety to the facade at the level of human eyes.

The entrance to the entrance of the house is located under the protruding part of the second floor, which provides protection from rain. We enter the entrance through the vestibule. The house can also be reached from the backyard to the stairwell. On the ground floor there are three apartments: one-room and two two-room. The two-room apartments have two bathrooms and large kitchens-living rooms. The apartments located on the ground floor have access to their own courtyards with terraces to provide additional comfort to residents.

There are five apartments on each of the typical floors: four two-room and one three-room. Each apartment has a convenient and functional and logical layout: at the entrance there is a place for a closet or hanger, designed separate bathrooms, ergonomically used space in the kitchen-living room, and each apartment has a balcony, which is an important factor when choosing an apartment. many people.

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Building area: 436 м²

Number of apartments: 18

Superficiality: 4

Garage: underground parking

Year of design: 2019

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