Interior design of a single-family house in the village of Dashava

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Interior design project of a single-family house in the village of Zubrytsky apiaries

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Following The object was designed by us

When designing, we took into account the configuration of the site, which is why the house repeats its boundaries and has the shape of an irregular rectangle in plan. The location of the house on a hill, which offers a beautiful view of the city, determined the location of the main rooms. That is why we placed a spacious living room with panoramic windows in this direction. The living room has space for a large dining table, and there is also a cozy space with a sofa and armchairs, with the possibility of a fireplace. The kitchen area is separated from the living room and has its own pantry. From the first floor there is access to a large covered terrace.

There is also a two-car garage on the first floor, with access to the house through a large walk-in closet. The living space has a bedroom with its own shower room.

On the second floor of the living quarters there are three spacious bedrooms. The house provides a large number of places for storing things: a closet in the hall and laundry room, a wardrobe and large closets in the bedrooms. There is also a sauna on the second floor. From the corridor of the second floor you can go to the terrace on the roof above the first floor.

A feature of the exterior of the house is the roof with slopes on two sides, which looks interesting when approaching the house from all sides. The facade is made of black clinker and brown facade boards.


Plot area: 0,085 Ha

House area: 260,82 м²

Superficiality: 2

Number of bedrooms: 4

Garage: so

Year of design: 2022

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