The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Home interior design in Scandinavian style

Our new project is the interior design of a house in the Scandinavian style. Despite its originality, Scandinavian style is liked by almost everyone. And this is not surprising, because it is difficult to imagine a landlord who would not want to see his home decorated with such simplicity and practicality, lightness and modesty. But the Scandinavian style is not alien to the desire to create a comfortable, beautiful and modern design of an apartment or private house.

The main motives for decorating the room in the style of Scandinavian

The main task - to create an interior in this style - to provide the room with the maximum amount of daylight. The space itself can be small, but the room must have large windows. The importance of natural light in the aesthetics of the Scandinavian peoples is difficult to overestimate;

The interior design of the house in the Scandinavian style involves the active use of white in the decoration of the room. White ceiling and in almost all cases a similar tone for the walls - a characteristic feature of the design of the space in the Scandinavian style. This approach ensures the maximum distribution of light in the room - the sun's rays are reflected from the snow-white surfaces and spread over the entire area of the room;

The use of mainly natural materials - wood for decoration and manufacture of furniture, ceramics and stone for facing surfaces that require special protection, the use of leather, fur and natural textiles (cotton, linen) for decorative draping. If you decide to use artificial analogues of natural materials, they should perfectly mimic natural raw materials;

The use of open planning in the design of most rooms - the dining room is combined with the kitchen, the bedroom is combined with the study, and sometimes the library without any partitions. This approach allows you to preserve the feeling of space and provide all functional areas of space with natural light;

The use of simple but functional furniture. Extremely comfortable, but at the same time modest design - a business card of the style of the Scandinavian peoples;

The interior design of a house in the Scandinavian style, as a rule, there is no hint of luxury and wealth - the main task of any element of the interior is practical use. Even decorative items (which are actually very few in a room decorated in the Scandinavian style) carry a functional load;

In a bright room there are one or two bright accents - it can be a piece of furniture or textiles, a large houseplant or wall decor (colorful paintings, family photos in bright frames);

When decorating in the Scandinavian style, it should be remembered that it should be a reflection of the character of the owner, and should, above all, serve his needs, reflect his ideas of beauty, comfort and aesthetics.

Impregnation of the loft

You can also hear notes of loft in this project. The main concept of this style is the composition of various architectural solutions. For example, a harmonious combination of the old (brick walls, stairs, pipes, uncovered ventilation systems, factory fixtures) and modern (new equipment, metal, mirrors) in one interior.

The basis of the room in the loft style consists of details: the furniture is as simple and functional, the color is mostly cool shades, large windows, almost no decor. Interestingly, what is considered a disadvantage in other styles - various brick ledges, plastered walls, wooden floors, are the highlights of the loft.

This project is characterized by a light spacious design in pastel colors. The kitchen is separated by a sliding door, which, if desired, can be hidden in the wall structure. This achieves the combination of kitchen and living room. A bright accent of the design is the fireplace, decorated with tiles with a rust texture, in contrast to the "gentle" room looks spectacular. Finishing with wooden bars adds warmth and comfort.

If the question "Who to turn to for the development of an interesting and original design?" Does not allow you to sleep peacefully, we will help you solve this problem.

The client is our main partner.

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Total area: 91,44 м²

Design area: 80,69 м²

Number of living rooms: 4

Number of bathrooms: 1

Year of design: 2019

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