Design of a modern Scandinavian house

Modern Scandinavian House Design

Our new project is the design of a modern Scandinavian home. For the first time, Scandinavian interior design began to take shape during the reign of Swedish King Gustav III in the eighteenth century. By this time, the inhabitants of northern Europe were equipping homes, replicating the fashion trends of France, Italy, England. In these countries, Baroque, Rococo and Classicism then prevailed. When the Scandinavians decorated their homes, they added to the atmosphere of the northern notes. A new round in the development of scandium was in the 80’s of the nineteenth century. Designers began to give the style more modern features. And at the same time, they were driven by a desire to make the situation more functional and concise. In the 1930s, international exhibitions took place at which Scandinavian designers presented their interiors, which blended practicality and aesthetic appeal. In 20 years, this style has conquered America, and with it the whole world.

Scandinavian-style interiors incorporate practicality, naturalness, restraint and even some coolness. You can also see a special love for nature, which is typical for residents of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The main principle of this direction is in the first place the comfort of the owners, not the punts in front of the guests.

Scandinavian style columns:

Functionality with minimalism. There is nothing extra in the interior. The decor and details are minimal, the furniture is only the most necessary. Interestingly, the situation does not seem empty. At first glance, a Scandinavian decorative item has a hidden practical meaning;

Lots of light. To allow light rays to enter the room, windows are often made large and complemented by light tulle and light curtains;

Simple, light, practical and elegant furniture. Big shelves and shelves are popular for putting things together to save space. The shape of the furniture is rectangular or slightly rounded. It is combined with cabinet furniture. Scandinavian interiors are positioned to occupy a minimum of space;

The main colors of the style are white, beige, blue, silver-gray, muted shades of yellow. However, white is dominant. You can also use bright tones to add sparkle to a restrained environment;

The patterns are either missing or neutral;

Warm soft carpets and animal skins dominate the floor;

Natural, eco-friendly materials are preferred – wood, stone, plaster;

Cotton, linen and wool are most commonly used as textiles. Lighting accessories are often used as accessories: floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps. Also, mirrors without massive frames are used.

In this project, we implemented a cozy interior of two-level open space. The main focus of the design is on the frame of wooden structures and 3D panel in the form of bricks. The metal elements on the stairs and the lamps above the table blend in with the geometric tile in the kitchen area. The warm range of shades becomes even warmer with the heated firebox in the corner of the room. We provide photos of two different design options.

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Total Area: 168.89 Sq.


Design Area: 134.24 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 3 .


Number of bathrooms: 2 .


Design Year: 2018 .


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