The project of a frame-type cottage in the village of Berezhany, Lviv region.

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Interiors of a rehabilitation center for assisted living

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The design of the facade of the existing building located in the village. Solonka

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Contemporary style apartment design

Our new project is the design of an apartment in the contemporary style. Fashionable and modern contemporary style in the interior is suitable for decorating an apartment, office or house. It is comfortable, functional and does not drive the interior designer into a rigid framework. Designers call the style of "contemporary" interiors in a modern style that do not fit into the aesthetics of technical high-tech or laconic minimalism. The contemporary style has emerged recently, but has already won fans around the world. Its main trump cards: a simple principle of decoration and decoration of premises based on common sense and convenience.

The history of contemporary style dates back to the middle of the twentieth century. The basis for its emergence was the Scandinavian style, constructivism and minimalism. Small rooms of communal and separate apartments were decorated modestly, succinctly, fitting into the interior items of decor and furniture of mass production. This style is relevant today, thanks to its unique ability to combine modern materials, decor and furniture from IKEA with furniture from other eras.

Contemporary basics:

Creating an interior design in this style does not need to follow the strict rules of the historical era, keep the color scheme, buy designer furniture and sew curtains to order according to certain sketches. All this is superfluous, because the style is based on the spontaneous neighborhood of furnishings that caught the eye of the owners in the store.

Contemporary is a living embodiment of modernity. It allows you to use modern materials for decoration, fill the interior with massive factory furniture, the main advantage of which is convenience. This style is very comfortable and easy to perform. That is why it is often chosen by those who like to make repairs and update the interior. The simpler the geometry, the better for contemporary.

The standard room is an ideal place to embody a modern interior. It is easy to write simple and clear lines and shapes - rectangular modern furniture and appliances, photos and paintings. Also a good background for them will be inexpensive finishing materials with a smooth solid or natural texture. For example, painted in a solid color walls, wooden ceiling and whitewashed ceilings. Or glossy stretch ceilings in combination with laminate flooring and wallpaper. It's simple: no niches, wrought iron grilles and stained glass partitions, multi-level ceilings and stucco panels. In the contemporary style, it is equally good to relax and work.

We made this interior design for people with refined taste. The decoration uses natural stone, tinted wood, natural shades. A pleasant bright accent is a sofa that refreshes the entire open space. The biofireplace next to the TV adds warmth and comfort. There is a lot of overhead light in the dark area of the hall. The master bedroom in the headboard is decorated with wooden panels with an interesting texture of wood, also in the window area is a large mirror with lighting. The girl's bedroom uses darker shades and wooden bars.

If you do not sleep well, the question: "Who to contact for the development of interesting and original design?", We will help you solve this problem, because the client is our main partner. More interesting design can be seen here and here


Total area: 163,15 м²

Design area: 106,27 м²

Number of living rooms: 3

Number of bathrooms: 2

Year of design: 2018

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