Country house design project

Mixed-style country house design project

Our next country house design project is a combination of two styles: minimalist and Scandinavian. Living in a big city requires constant concentration and dedication from everyone. This trend promotes a minimalist, very simple, minimalist design with laconic shapes and structures. It can achieve the effect of enlarging space and getting rid of the crush and stiffness that often haunt us in typical apartment boxes. To someone he may seem bored, and for people with a sense of measure who can not stand anything is perfect. For the majority of supporters of minimalism, this is the only chance to get rid of everything unnecessary and to achieve mental equilibrium.

Many lists are broken about this style, but most importantly, it leaves no one indifferent. Getting rid of dull and awkward walls, furniture and unnecessary décor is a long-standing dream of many of us. The main features of the minimalist style are restraint and rigor in design. This is achieved through the use of functional interior items, geometry of forms and the combination of two basic colors. When working in this style, perhaps the most important is the reasonable allocation of space.

Scandi is one of the most popular in our time. Its interiors can be found all over the world, from Australia to Argentina. But it is most widespread in countries with northern climate. The recipe for his success lies in the brilliant combination of national and international. The aesthetics of the style derive not only from the culture and history of the Scandinavian countries, but also from the peculiarities of the climate zone and geographical location. The worldwide trend towards environmental friendliness, cleanliness, naturalness of shapes and bright spacious rooms has put this style at the top. Scandi makes no sense to delve into details, much more important to understand its essence. It is good because it does not have any applicable laws that interior designers must obey. In Scandinavian style, every designer feels like a freelance artist. Scandie’s frames are limited only by the imagination of the designer. Therefore, this style is never outdated.

Mixed-style country house design raisins and chips

In designing this country house design project, we used natural materials in the decoration of the country house: wood (stair paneling, bars in the vestibule), stone (kitchen apron), and decorative plaster. Also one of the materials was micro-cement, which was used in panels in the living room and in the first floor toilet.

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Total Area: 118 Sq.


Design Area: 117.34 Sq.


Number of living rooms: 4 .


Number of bathrooms: 3 .


Design year: 2017 .


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